Meet the Artist

So, you've had a little look around my site... thanks so much for taking the time to do so!   As you can see, I work predominantly in monochrome.  Most of my body of work is just two specific hues hues of acrylic paint, giving me the freedom to create expressive and atmospheric backdrops in which to set traditional pen and ink images of wildlife.  I'm heavily influenced by Victorian illustration – as well as Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism.  The mix of styles makes for simultaneously delicate, yet bold work which I hope my audience enjoys.  For me, it is vitally important that I develop a unique style and continue to attack my subjects with increasing skill and observation, whilst maintaining my own approach.  Look out for more work as I continue to expand my range and portfolio. Cheers for now!




3 Old Hall Barns, Thurston Road, Pakenham, Suffolk IP31 2NG

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